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With extremely fertile soils, Gambia has an economy dominated by subsistence farming. This includes cash crop production of groundnuts, horticulture, sesame, and cotton, as well as cereal crops (maize, rice, early millet, late millet, and sorghum).

Gambia is a safe and tiny country with a very low crime rate, as well as a low cost of living. The residents are warm and welcoming, and expats will be able to have a decent social life there and find enough entertainment to keep them busy, particularly in the nightlife and restaurants. The wildlife and nature of Gambia are also part of its attractions, including a sacred crocodile pool, the Gambia River, and the 600 bird species.

Gambia’s healthcare system has room to improve, and the country is spending an increasing amount of the GDP on healthcare facilities to do just this. There are three hospitals and numerous health facilities.

Expats will find various international schooling options in Gambia.

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