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In Kenya, agriculture, industry and manufacturing, and services are the three main economic sectors.

Kenya is one of most visited countries in Africa, with visitors flocking in from all over the globe, and a large expat community. And it’s not hard to see why. The country is famous for its wildlife safaris, white sand beaches, friendly people, and Olympic athletes. It was also a forerunner in democracy and economics in Africa.

The healthcare system is struggling in Kenya although quality healthcare can be found.
Nairobi, the capital, is not the safest place, with car-jackings and violent crime prevalent; however, expatriates and tourists are not usually the targets, but rather poorer citizens. Travellers are also warned of terrorism threats in the country. Overall, though, the country is not too unsafe for foreigners, and many expats enjoy life in Kenya and the temperate climate of Nairobi.

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Eastern Africa
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Eastern Africa
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