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Natural resources such as iron ore, rubber, and timber dominate the country’s exports, supported by foreign investments, and oil and palm play a massive role in Liberia’s economy. The nation’s economy is mainly agrarian.

Previously a country at war, Liberia has been at peace for nearly two decades. Liberians are said to be friendly and welcoming. There are conflicting viewpoints on the safety of Liberia; many foreigners and locals report feeling safe, while world safety rankings rank Liberia as a country with a high violent crime rate. The answer is to simply take the usual safety precautions that you would take in any other country, and otherwise enjoy Liberia and its vibrant, friendly culture, the exciting capital of Monrovia, and the beautiful wilderness.

Medical facilities in Liberia are mainly found in Monrovia, and the healthcare system is largely dependent on support from international donors. There are several international and bilingual private schools in Liberia of a high quality.

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