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We are able to find the right candidates for any company looking for FMCG/Manufacturing, Procurement and Supply Chain staff.

Our consultants are FMCG/Manufacturing professionals who have had extensive experience in the FMCG/Manufacturing, Procurement and Supply Chain field within large international corporations, and are therefore able to properly identify exactly which candidate best suits our Client’s requirements.

We pride ourselves on being well informed and up-to-date on the latest trends in the Supply Chain and Procurement industry.


CA Global specialises in the Recruitment of FMCG, Manufacturing, Procurement, Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Commodity/Category Management, Purchasing, Contract Management, etc. staff.


General Manager (GM / Human Asset Management/ HAM / Administration / HR / Business Administration) – Ethiopia

Job Reference

133 30 07 MNW


Eastern Africa

Regional Marketing Development Manager (Remote / Electronics / Manufacturing) – South Africa

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Southern Africa

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