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Niger’s economy relies on subsistence crops, livestock, and mineral fuel including oil and some of the largest uranium deposits in the world. The agricultural sector is mainly based upon internal markets, subsistence agriculture, and the export of raw commodities such as food and cattle.

Many professionals move to Niger for the work opportunities in the mining and oil sectors, but many also go there to find teaching and volunteering work. Living in Niger is a different kind of experience; despite the safety threats in the country, the population is warm and hospitable. Pretty oasis towns like Timia and Bilma are scattered around the desert-covered country, and the desert landscapes add to the beauty of Niger and are surprisingly full of diverse fauna. There is much to do as well, including sailing down the Niger River and visiting the animal market in Ayourou.

It is important to take due precautions when living in Niger, as there is a fairly high crime rate as well as terrorism risks.

Public healthcare is available in Niger but inadequate due to the shortage of medical supplies. There are however several private healthcare facilities in the country.

The American International School in Niamey is a private school with quality schooling in Niger.

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