The wealthiest country in Africa, Nigeria produces 20% of the world’s cassava crops. Other large agricultural crops include corn, cocoa, millet, palm oil, peanuts, rice, rubber, sorghum, and yams.
Nigeria’s oil and natural gas exports support the country’s economy hugely, and its oil reserves amount to more than 36 million barrels as of 2021. Due to this, many foreigners find work in the mining and oil industry.

Expat life in Nigeria is pleasant; the Nigerian population is friendly and welcoming, and the country is famous for its fashion. There is also a large expat community, however stepping out of the ‘expat bubble’ is the best way to soak in the diverse culture of the country and fully enjoy life there. There is no shortage of entertainment in Nigeria, including upscale restaurants, bars, and sports groups. Nigeria also boasts much natural beauty, from beaches to rainforests. 

There are over 70 good international schools in Nigeria for expatriates wanting to send their children to one.

Unfortunately, the healthcare system in Nigeria is underdeveloped and there is a shortage of healthcare workers. There are quality private medical facilities to be found, though.

The crime rate in Nigeria is high and due precautions should be taken, however living and working in Lagos and Abuja is relatively safe. 

You will find our Nigeria job board through the Africa Jobs portal. Here you can view the latest jobs in Nigeria across various sectors, from mid to senior level. CA Global has been operating as a recruitment group in Africa for 15 years and sources highly skilled locals, Diaspora, and expatriates for jobs in Africa. 


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CRM Solutions Developer (Microsoft Dynamics / C# / MCTS / Fintech)

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DevOps Engineer (Jira / PowerShell / Jenkins / GitHub / Fintech)-Remote

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