Burkina Faso Industry opportunities

Burkina Faso has a fast growing country, just like the rest of the countries throughout Africa! If you want to be part of Burkina Faso and its Mining, Oil and Gas, Banking and / or Engineering Sectors, then this blog post is for you! 🙂

Burkina Faso

The landlocked Burkina Faso forms part of West Africa.  Agricultural is the main productive component in Burkina Faso’s economy, accounting for roughly 40% of GDP and 80% of the country’s exports. There are 7 main varieties of soil located in the country. Burkina Faso’s climate is of the semi-arid type, categorised by a dry season which goes on for about 5 – 9 months with a 3 to 7 month rainy season.

Burkina Faso’s development and growth of its gold resources has anticipated larger importance and could become progressively vital. Agriculture in the country is the driving force of its economic and social development.

Burkina Faso Mining

After cotton, Burkina Faso’s 2nd largest export is Gold. There has been a major drive to promote minerals investment in Burkina Faso with over $100 million being invested over the past few years on 130 prospecting licenses. Mineral resources include manganese, bauxite, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, gold and limestone/marble but there has been little mineral development.

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Burkina Faso Bank

Burkina Faso’s financial system signifies 30% of the country’s GDP and is ruled by the banking sector, which accounts for 90% of total financial system assets. A total of 11 banks and 5 non-bank financial establishments function in the country. The currency used in Burkina-Faso is called as the CFA Franc.

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Burkina Faso Oil

Burkina’s Faso Oil & Gas Industry is measured by the Ministry of Geology, Energy and Mines.

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Burkina Faso Engineering

Burkina Faso enjoys a national energy legislation emphasising on the country’s social and economic development. The scope of the policy is extensive, covering energy management strategies, promotion of renewable energy and substitute fuels as well as the implementation of measures to reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency and diversify sources.

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Burkina Faso | extra info

Capital: Ouagadougou

Currency: West African CFA franc

Official language: French Language

Population: 16.46 million

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