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CA Global Headhunters staff function at Newbie Bowls

Every 3 months CA Global Headhunters organise a staff function where the company comes together for some light-hearted fun. This time round, on the 7th of September (2013), we headed off to Newbie Bowls situated right down the road from our work, Rondebosch.  We were divided into teams all with a different theme. The teams were:

  1. The 60’s chicks

  2. Team Rambo

  3. Team Top Gun

  4. Team Pirate

  5. Team Hippy

  6. Team Sports Junkie

  7. Team Indian

  8. Team Little Devils

  9. Team Superhero’s

  10. Team Hawaii

  11. Team Greek

Newbie Bowls is an establishment offering the service of a fun and awesome game, bowls. Newbie Bowls strives on the belief that the game has a lot to offer and therefore commit to the future and growth of the game. The Newbie Bowls Team is made up of Tom, Anton van Vlaanderen and Warren Middleton who are all determined to take the game to the next level.

If any other companies, groups or individuals seek for some fun that is different, try a day at Newbie Bowls.


  1. Fun and different;

  2. Anyone can play;

  3. Social and interactive;

  4. Outdoor activity;

  5. Good for team building;

  6. Relaxing and stress free (unless you are competitive)

Here are some pictures showing just how much fun we had!

Here are some action shots of the day…

The winning team totally deserved to win, well done TOP GUN!

WAIT! There’s more…the picture we have all been waiting for…

I bring you Bradley Barr our Managing Director

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