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 Central Africa Mining | DRC Copper Reserves  

The current developments evolving in Central Africa’s copper mining industry can provide considerable benefits for the region, ranging from employment opportunities to housing, schools, clinics and recreational facilities. The only aspect and probable the most crusical aspect left for consideration is the availability of infrastructure for the development and operation of mining projects.

Mining in Central Africa |Challenges to overcome

  1. Electric power is not always readily and consistently available meaning that mining businesses have to resort to expensive diesel generation.

  2. Infrastructure such as roads, railways, facilities and more. The lack of transport infrastructure in Central Africa Mining reflects delays in the delivery of material and equipment, ultimately delaying project schedules. Transporting copper cathode to ports for export purposes is also arduous and creates its own security issues.


Central Africa mining stimulates the potential to use local skills, which will counter the Africa wide problem of an intra-Africa brain-drain, whereby citizens migrate for economic reasons. Therefore, the copper sector can possibly nurture and promote local expertise as a vital contribution to economic growth.


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