CV Innovation for 2013 implies showing, not telling.

With candidate-job hunting becoming more and more competitive, new job hunting trends are on the rise. This article aims to equip all you job seekers with the best advice on how to make your CV / résumé stand out and essentially help you win the race to a perfect job.

While CV’s and résumé’s also played vital roles, there are additional developments to which candidates must pay attention. The greatest aspect to consider when putting together your résumé is that this year is all about showing and not telling. When attempting to write your résumé the goal should be to try and act as innovative as possible, as this will ensure that you stand out from the masses applying for the same job.

If you want to write a résumé that will help you stand out, you should pay attention to these tips:

Social Resumes

If obtaining a job is important to you and a vital achievement then take note that CVs no longer imply static pieces of paper.  The sociability of CV’s has transformed into one of the most important changes candidates should know and therefore apply.  With more directive and

intrapersonal communication, social media implies that the type of communication between appointing managerial positions and prospective employees have reformed too. Nowadays, potential personnel have the chance to network, liaise and engage with recruiting managers prior to applying for a spot. Businesses are progressively likely to use social networks and social media accounts.


The fame of Twitter is increasing exceedingly and this platform allows for candidates to connect the influence of a tweet by enlightening why they are an outstanding candidate. The tricky part is to convey excellence in 140 characters or less. Twitter accounts have a biography section which is the online version of your cover letter / motivational page.

It is your opportunity to figure out what really makes you different. Brands refer to this as their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Twitter is your chance to figure out your USP and develop your personal brand. After linking your potential employee with your remarkable biography, then you need to link your website, resume as well as additional professional networking sites.


Infographics are showing up all over the place whether the platform is online or offline. Candidates most likely applying for visual or creative positions can use the popularity of infographics to focus and market their qualifications and skills.

Since infographic CV’s don’t cover in-depth details and are therefore more basic, job seekers can make use of this to enhance their CV.

Additional tips

Resumes should always be targeted, specific and quantifiable. Numbers, figures, and percentages show what you can do. Make use of the opportunity if you are able to quantify your experience, as this will assist you in appearing more professional. Put away overused and outdated terminology and try to always be innovative.

Try reading your CV on a phone because you might find that hiring managers could possibly review your CV on a mobile device. Readability with bullets, bold fonts, and short paragraphs matter more than resume length.


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