Geology Jobs in Africa: These pictures will make you want to become a Geologist

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Unlock your Geology Career:

These pictures will make you want to become a Geologist

Your Geology experience can unlock a whole new world of job opportunities in Africa!

Companies are increasing their mining exploration budgets and aggressively investing in exploration, especially China, who is currently dominating the exploration sector.

Our CA Mining team has a great relationship with major mining exploration companies worldwide. We are constantly recruiting for major underground mining projects and Geologist jobs in Africa.

Cool pictures that will make you want to become a Geologist

What exactly does a Geologist do?

Geologists examine and investigate the Earth’s inner layers: the composition and structure of rocks, the processes leading to the rock formation and how these processes have evolved over time.

A geologist’s duties may include leading field studies, surveys and drilling programs, as well as collecting soil, mineral, rock or fossil samples. You may analyze chemical and physical data from bore holes, aerial photos, and wells. You may also use seismographs, torsion balances and magnetometers to measure the earth’s gravity and magnetic field.

These processes allow you to compile field and lab data to prepare geologic charts, diagrams, and maps. You may also spend time reviewing professional journals and technical reports to stay up-to-date with current research.

What to study to become a Geologist?

1. Geology Studies: You can start at High School

Your preparation for a career in Geology can start as early as High School. Take on subjects that cover biology, chemistry and physics, and mathematics. It would also help to take on a computer course to hone your sample analysis and information processing skills. Additionally, a great idea is to join an outdoor environmental club to familiarise yourself with a natural setting.

2. Geology Studies: Get your Geology degree

This is the most important aspect of finding a Geology job. Courses at the High School level will not suffice. A bachelor’s degree in Geology will prepare you by integrating your High School knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics that apply specifically to the study of the earth.

3. Geology Studies: Get your post-graduate degree (and an operating license?)

Most mining companies worth their salt that hire Geologists for field research prefer those who have a master’s degree. At this level, you will choose a specialty and within that specialization, you will conduct in-depth and advanced studies introduced at the bachelor’s level.

Geology Jobs in Africa

Geologist jobs in Africa

We recruit Geology candidates from around the world to fill the following positions:

  1. GIS Geologists

  2. Exploration Geologists

  3. Production / Mining Geologists

  4. Chief Underground Geologists

  5. Senior Resource Geologist

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Forward your CV to us to ensure our recruitment team engage with candidates when our Geology jobs projects move to the next stage.

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