Google+ for businesses and job seekers


… For businesses:

Since its beginning, nearly 50% of businesses rate Google+ as significant to their corporation and just last year 15% of marketers attained a customer from this social channel. Google+ has enticed 500 million registered users worldwide, developing into the second major social network as of January 2013. With its different redesigns, feature add-ons, and integrations with other Google products, it’s growing into the centre of marketing value.

Google+ Business Pages let brands charmingly network with a rising audience, but the benefits range well beyond Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ pages and posts can assist you in reaching people beyond a social network. Its incorporation with various Google products and technologies, including Google Search and YouTube, make it a highly striking corporate tool.

5 Quick tips for managing your Google+ business page:

  • Preview page as customers would;

  • Invite others to help manage your page;

  • Share content directly to communities;

  • Include hashtags to make posts discoverable;

  • Employ visuals in your content sharing.


… For jobseekers:

There are heaps and heaps of influential people herding to Google+, it’s a great place to showcase expertise and learn from others. Here are some tips for using Google+ for your job search.

Announce your availability

Once your profile is 100% completed and you’ve begun growing and interacting with your network, don’t be nervous/afraid about letting your contacts and circles know you’re on the hunt for work. There are various ways in which this can be done such as mentioning it in the “About” section of your Google+ profile, or you can post an update to announce that you’re looking for new work-related opportunities. If you choose the latter, be original with your post and how you construct it. Try not to sound desperate and ensure you confidently communicate your unique skills and the value you can add to a firm.

Organise contacts with circles

Circles allow users to control who views their content. To connect with another user on Google+, you must add him/her to a Circle. For the purposes of seeking a job, it’s important to signify which Circles you want to see your messages when you post. If you’re posting about your job search, it makes sense to include your industry contacts as the same post might not be as applicable to your “Friends” or “Family,” where a more personal post may be more fitting.

The other aspect is to make sure you’re not distributing or exposing yourself as unprofessional as that will be revealed to your business network.


Share & follow relevant expertise

In order to be seen as an industry professional, you need to display that you know what you’re talking about. Users of social media tend to use Twitter and blogging for this purpose, however, Google+ is fast becoming another outlet for sharing and noticing tastemaker opinions and stimulating content.

If you’re not a natural at finding and sharing content that connections in your Circles may find valuable, there are several help providers that can assist you. Check out Sparks, the product’s content recommendation engine. With this you can define topics you’re interested in — or that you want to learn more about — and it will bring up content the algorithm believes you’ll find valuable. You can add your favorite sparks to the left-hand navigation for easy perusal when you’re on your Google+ homepage.

…Benefits for job seekers are as follows:

Increased engagement:

When you sincerely engage on the Google Plus network, you will come across many people about the hiring process. Businesses might also want to interview you online, especially in today's digital innovation era. Therefore, it’s vital that you know how to make the most of online interviewing.


Online portal:

Google Plus also provides users with the ability of linking profiles to other platforms such as your website, Facebook, etc; whether it’s a blog or your profile details, you can put the links in your Google Plus profile.

Build quality relationships:

While you network with people on this social platform, place emphasis on constructing relationships with professionals. By connecting with employers, recruiting companies and hiring managers, you will bring yourself multiple career benefits and advances.


Build your professional brand:

Like additional social networking platforms, Google Plus also provides you with the opportunity to build your personal brand. Whatever you do on this social network, enhance your professional appearance.

Share your best content:

Make use of sharing interesting content with the people in your Circles. Whether you want to grow your knowledge on a definite topic or you are interested in a specific subject, you can use the Sparks feature for searching related content.

Google+ is going to become more and more vital for career networking and for job searching opportunities.  One reason is that it’s extremely easy to connect and to separate professional from personal.  All you need to do is keep your professional contacts in different circles than your friends and family.


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