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My blog post for today emphasises the importance and benefits Google Plus for recruitment has for both job seekers, as well as the headhunters.

As our latest incorporated social media platform, CA Global Headhunters has truly embraced the value Google Plus has.  Generally speaking, Google Plus strongly focuses on profile development, with major emphasis on job titles and businesses names. This profiling approach is what makes Google Plus for recruitment a natural resource that can assist consultants in their candidate searches.

If you are a smart and forward thinking recruiter you should already be developing your networks and circles on Google+

,,,How to search in Google Plus for recruitment

It should be no surprise that the Google Plus search function is controlled by Google. This means your search results will be accurate, targeted and relevant.  With the intention to direct the most valuable information to you, Google Plus for recruitment purposes allows recruiters to search by keywords, people, pages, communities and posts. More importantly, Google Plus for recruitment allows recruiters to search by job roles.

,,,How to manage circles in Google Plus for recruitment

The Circle feature on Google Plus for recruitment is an awesome tool that allows recruiters to divide candidates by qualification, experience, skills, industry….the options are limitless and to your discretion.

The great advantage of Circles on Google Plus for recruitment is that you can share highly targeted messages based on those you have specifically assigned to a circle without your other circles seeing the content. Let’s say you’re a recruiter for the offshore oil & gas industry, using Circles on your Google+ allows you to create Toolpusher circles, SDPO circles, drilling circles etc. so that when you have a Toolpusher vacancy on offer, you can simply promote the job to your Toolpusher circle. By promoting job opportunities relevant to circle members you are adding value to the circle members you are interacting with.

,,,How to influence communities on Google Plus for recruitment

Communities on Google Plus for recruitment are the network’s own version of a group and are intended to bring people together who are interested in particular topics or in this case, people with the same job title and experience. Google+ Communities are endless and extremely diverse.

Just like LinkedIn, Google Plus for recruitment Communities are excellent places to scout your latest hire. There are abundant communities established around particular industries, from Mining, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Finance and so much more. Joining a community on Google+ is really simple too. When you’re logged into Google+, search for the kind of group you want to join and use the main search bar to select ‘Communities’ in the results listing. Then select ‘Join Community’ at the top – it that easy! There may be a small number of groups marked Private so to join these you just selected the ‘Ask to Join’ button.

For recruiters this is an amazing tool as it gives you access to a group of people who have stated their interest in a particular topic or industry, typically because they work within the sector. It also gives you the opportunity to find out additional information about these groups’ interest so that you can target your content accordingly. This is where the juicy part comes; you can then add everyone in the group to your circles, or a new circle for the selected industry, and begin communicating with them about the opportunities you have available. Communities are a great way to build up a talent pool of passive candidates by engaging them with relevant, targeted job opportunities.

,,,How to use Hangouts with Google Plus for recruitment

Another great feature that is unique to Google+ is Hangouts. The multi-person video chatting feature allows you to hold a video chat with up to 10 people at once, share files and broadcast your hangout around the world.

For the recruitment sector, Hangouts are a bit of a game changer as they allow you to interview a candidate whilst a number of relevant people listen in to the conversation. For consultants who have just entered the world of recruitment, Hangouts could be a valuable way to teach consultants how to conduct the best interview possible with candidates.

The ‘On Air’ feature allows you to broadcast the hangout and record it, allowing you to re-visit the interview at any given moment. There is also the option to share screens and files using this feature.

,,,How to leverage external tools with Google Plus for recruitment

To make the most out of your efforts on Google+ there are some great tools you can use to find and target relevant people. is a website that allows you to search Google+ profiles and filter the results by criteria like education, occupation and location, to name a few. This tool also allows you to discover influencers, assess followers and measure levels of engagement. is another useful tool that lets you discover influencers by topic, commend and add value to users, and tap into relevant communities.

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