High-speed wireless networks to arrive in Sub-Saharan Africa

The biggest internet browser, Google is planning to establish high-speed wireless networks in sub-Saharan Africa. The plan of action is to set up high-altitude balloons that can transmit signals across hundreds of square kilometres.


Wall Street Journal reported that in order to achieve internet access in the Sub-Saharan Africa, Google is looking at a mix of technologies,  including broadcasting signals from masts, satellites and even remote-controlled balloons known as blimps.

With smartphone penetration already higher than 50% in many western markets, mobile manufacturers are racing to connect customers in emerging markets. Google is highly focused on these new markets and is consequently creating low-cost Nexus smartphones and tablets.


The Google team is well experienced, and certainly confident in their abilities. Google additionally has worked with the University of California to send phones running Android software into near-space with the use of high-altitude balloons. These balloons travel over 100,000 feet from the earth and they were equipped with still and video cameras as a means to capture data

and information. Eventually these balloons pop and fall back down to earth which is when you can retrieve the footage.


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