Hotel Sector in Africa set to create 320,000 new jobs

CA Global consultants are seeking professionals from the Hotel Sector in Africa. Is this you? Do you know people who work in the hospitality sector?

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The latest research reveals that employment in the hotel sector in Africa is set to grow considerably in the near future. The projection is as follows:

  1. 136,000 new jobs in be created in 2014

  2. 87,000 new jobs in be created in 2015

  3. 70,000 new jobs in be created in 2016

  4. 27,000 thereafter based on current signed contracts from international brands plus regional brands and non-branded developments to come.

This is great news for our hotel sector in Africa job seekers however it is important to remember before getting too excited that the growth in demand for hotel workers varies considerably from country to country. Regionally the numbers are similar, with North Africa creating 115,000 jobs across 5 countries and Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) creating 165,000 across 23 countries. The 5 North Africa countries are in the top 10 in Africa while Nigeria leads the way in with the 53,000 new job creations.  Ghana is set to create 11,000 new jobs in the hotel sector in Africa, Angola with 9,000 new hotel based jobs, Ethiopia with 8,800 and Uganda with 8,500.

In North Africa, where the hotel industry is more developed and where growth is relatively slower (the hotel pipeline grew by 9% from 2012 to 2013), the employment marketplace is likely to be characterised by the recruitment of large numbers of junior people and rapid promotions for the most able individuals. In Sub Saharan Africa, where growth is forecast to be a much faster 23% and where there are fewer people with hospitality industry experience, HPA anticipates three major trends: an influx of top management from abroad, a war for talented middle management and substantial investment in training programmes.


We are seeking the following type of professionals form the hospitality / hotel sector in Africa:

  1. Operations and Management

  2. Chefs

  3. Food and Beverage

  4. HR, Training & Development

  5. Finance

  6. Conservation and Guiding

  7. Front Office

  8. Health Spa

  9. Housekeeping

  10. Maintenance

  11. General Manager

  12. Lodge Manager

  13. Food and Beverage Manager

  14. Executive Chef

  15. Sous Chef

  16. Service Manager

  17. Operations Manager

  18. HR Manager

  19. Training Manager

  20. Conservation

  21. Front Office

  22. Health Spa

  23. Housekeeping

  24. Maintenance

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