How to maximise your efficiency on Monday mornings

Having a full time job is not easy, especially when the dreaded Monday morning finally arrives and it’s sometimes hard to maintain enthusiasm. It’s almost like we just want to fast-forward to Tuesday, a friendlier weekday where we feel ready to conquer all aspirations.

Planning and more planning

Monday morning job hunting can be more efficient if you just take the time to plan for them. This can be achieved by preparing a list on Friday of what needs to be done, tackled and followed up for when Monday arrives.

The more you accomplish the more you will feel motivated to persist through the long process of job hunting.

Be the early bird

Yes, I said early – on a Monday morning.  You and I both know that Monday mornings are hard to get your brain wrapped around so give your brain some extra time. Get your coffee, organize something on your desk, or whatever you need to do to be ready to get down to business but by the time you are supposed to start you will be ready to go.

Always stay positive

It is important to greet all your colleagues and boss with a friendly face.  If you put some bounce in your step, you will feel energized.  Energy and happiness are contagious so when you send it out there into the working world it will be returned and you’ll feel even better.



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