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The vast amount of international investors looking at the African continent for its amazing economic growth is increasing more and more.

The commodities markets are booming and Africa’s natural resources are in demand world-wide. Despite the lack of infrastructure on the continent, specific operations and initiatives are set up and implemented as a means to further develop trading platforms across Africa, hence offering a new business link between Africa the world.

Whether you are a producer, a trader, a logistics service provider or an investor active in the global market, you should talk to us about your career aspirations or the recruitment needs in your business.

At CA Global Headhunters, we have experience working in the soft and hard commodities markets and can assist you in finding new opportunities in the producing countries and the trading hot spots worldwide.

Soft commodities: rubber, cotton, wheat, rice, coffee, cocoa, bananas, sugar, palm oil, cattle, corn, orange juice

Hard commodities: gold, uranium, copper, natural gas, crude oil, nickel, aluminum, lead, tin, silver, platinum

Emerging commodities: coal, timber, iron, wind, solar.


Our client is an international agribusiness company developing its activities in Africa.

2. Grain Origination Manager (wheat/corn/millet/barley/oilseeds) – Ukraine

As an Originator, you will procure grain from local farmers using your knowledge of the industry, focusing on Moldova and Ukraine regions.

3. Head of Trade Execution (Commodities / Shipping / Agri) – Singapore

Our client is an international agribusiness company developing its activities in the Middle East.

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