Leveraging African Diaspora skills for continued development within Africa

The African diaspora signifies communities across the world deriving from the historic movement of African people— predominantly to the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

The African diaspora tells the tale of how Africans, though being dispersed, achieved maintaining their traditions and modifying their identities in a new world. Fundamentals of African culture such as religion, language, and folklore were their reminders of their history. In

African Diaspora

Every year, countless young, educated Africans leave their homeland in order to pursue their dreams and fortune abroad. Sadly, many of these immigrants don’t return home, though their capabilities, knowledge and understanding are priceless commodities contributing to the progress of Africa as a whole. Furthermore, masses of people of African descent situated in societies across the world are actively looking for ways to re-engage with their ancestral homes in Africa.

African Diaspora

Industry sectors that receive the largest funding are Law, Justice, and Public Administration; Energy and Mining; Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry. Together, these sectors received almost 51% of all funds to the region.



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