New Maintenance Foreman Job

Well known for the turnkey solutions provided to clients within the construction sector, one of CA Engineering’s clients is a leader in design and construction and is currently seeking a candidate for a new Maintenance Foreman Job.

This client of ours is currently in the process of hiring extra staff for one of their larger projects in the Republic of Congo.

New Maintenance Foreman Job

,,If you are interested in applying for the Maintenance Foreman Job, please do not hesitate to apply now by sending your CV to

,Maintenance Foreman Job Responsibilities

The Maintenance Foreman Job responsibilities include the following:

  1. Supervision of all maintenance staff on a daily basis and the quality control of all work;
  2. Planning for and allocation of all maintenance related work;
  3. Ensuring that maintenance staff adheres to all company policies and procedures at all times;
  4. Ensuring that all maintenance staff are adequately trained and informed of changes in work-related legislation;
  5. Purchasing and inventory control.

,Maintenance Foreman Job Requirements

  1. The Maintenance Foreman Job requirements include the following:
  2. Vocational training or qualification in Electromechanical Engineering with a focus on maintenance
  3. Minimum eight years’ extensive experience as Head of Maintenance for industrial plants, ideally batching, prefab and construction materials manufacturing plants
  4. Must have intermediate level of French and English language

,Maintenance Foreman Job |Contractual Information

  1. Position to be based in Brazaville
  2. Contractual position

Please apply by sending your CV to

New Maintenance Foreman Job

,,*Kindly note, if you have not had any response in two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful however your profile will be kept on our database for any other suitable positions.

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