The 15 least stressful high paying jobs in South Africa

The 15 high paying least stressful jobs in South Africa

Looking for a job that pays highly and is accompanied with minimal stress? Look no further! BusinessTech has compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa in relation to the amount of day-to-day stress an average employee in the field can expect to experience. The list focuses on jobs under a stress-level of 75 – the official median point of the list – and consolidates similar jobs and fields of study. Salaries were based on a combination of ,PayscaleMy wage and ,StatsSA, data.

BusinessTech found the highest-paying, least stressful jobs in South Africa to be:

  1. Chemical Technician
  2. Food scientist
  3. Mathematician
  4. Economist
  5. Statistician
  6. Biomedical engineer
  7. Agricultural engineer
  8. Physicist
  9. Information Systems (IS) manager
  10. Actuary

The most stressful jobs in SA:

Mental wellness advocate, Pharma Dynamics conducted a survey aimed to measure job-related stress based on several stress triggers to uncover the most stressful jobs in South Africa. The online survey included almost 2000 respondents living and working in South Africa. The survey looked at factors such as the physical and mental demands of a job, deadlines, how much traveling is required, whether it entails working long hours, being exposed to public scrutiny, dealing with conflict and generally what type of risks are associated with various professions. Pilots were found to have the most stressful jobs in South Africa as a result of the high degree of personal risk the job poses to themselves and others. The taxing physical and mental demands of the role, on top of working long and arduous hours, also added to its high high-stress stress rating. Hairstylists and farmers round of the top 3.

Least stressful jobs worldwide:

The Occupational Information Network (ONET) has also recently released a list of the most and least stressful jobs worldwide. ONET rates the “stress” for each job on a scale from 0-100 (with 100 being the most stressful), taking into account the amount of criticism the average worker in the field would have to face on a daily basis, and how often the job requires dealing calmly and effectively in high-stress situations.

The 10 least stressful jobs worldwide are:

  1. Models (24)
  2. Library Technicians (24)
  3. Graders and Sorters, Agricultural Products (37)
  4. Couriers and Messengers (37)
  5. Tapers (44)
  6. Fabric Menders, Except Garment (45)
  7. Hunters and Trappers (46)
  8. Driver/Sales Workers (46)
  9. Coil Winders, Tapers, and Finishers (47)
  10. Biological Technicians (47)

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