The New Africa

new africa

The years of battling massive difficulties are over for Africa and the new Africa boasts major economic growth and development. The mineral resource industry has majorly influenced the critical role in this economic transformation, and the long awaited change (for most countries) has finally arrived.

The new Africa is booming business and global investors globally have significantly embraced the abundant opportunity thriving in the new Africa. Confidentially, foreign investment in the new Africa is showing sturdy growth with domestic and foreign returns on investment are among the highest in the world. There are several enticing factors that strongly channel investors’ attention, efforts and focus towards Africa, namely strong economic growth, business friendly improvements, mature financial establishments and some large economies.

new africa 2

Business is good for Africa! Increased investor interest is having a beneficial impact on most African countries in quite an important way. Increased investment activity in the new Africa results in major job generation which will most likely have a positive ripple effect. Essentially, foreign companies are helping to develop domestic industries through the transfer of skills & technology and the through the generation of demand for extended supply chains.

Local industries are being developed as companies realise the potential that lies within the new Africa. We all know that economies can grow or they can die out. In this case, as African economies expand they present abundant opportunities to investors whilst governments attempt to create an ideal and a more attractive business climate

Africa has turned a new page, becoming widely known as a new Africa and with bright prospects and magical people this hopeful continent has lured the world to take a closer and more meaningful look.



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