This CEO uses Twitter to recruit geniuses for his hotel

Mark Essien, CEO of uses Twitter to find geniuses for his hotel

Mark Essien, 31 year old CEO of a leading hotel booking website in Nigeria, ,, uses social media platforms to scour for talented individuals for his company. Since his company is largely online based, thus forming an integral aspect in the company’s business model, it makes sense that he would look for people with a knack for online creativity.

The intriguing part however is not so much that he uses social media to find people (especially since most of the Consultants at ,CA Global Headhunters posts their jobs to Twitter and other social media platforms) but rather the actual selection process within social media, to weed out the unsuitable candidates from the potential candidates.

This CEO uses Twitter to recruit geniuses for his hotel

Mark Essien’s unique screening process

  1. Your previous work experience isn’t important to Mark Essien.
  2. Nothing about the job is known. If you are a Recruiter, you may be accustomed to receiving just a job title as a job spec from your client and be expected to understand the requirements of the client from the given job title; and draft a detailed job spec from that. But what if you were not even given a job title? Nothing. Nada!

A few of Mark Essien’s interview questions

  1. Which of these two is faster:  Superman or The Flash?
  2. If Van Gogh and Mozart would have been in the crowd listening to the famous Mark Anthony speech on the death of Julius Caesar (as written by Shakespeare), what would have been their comments?

 Interested to know what other questions Mark asked?

Download the Mark Essien’s interview questions (with candidate answers)

Why Mark Essien uses Twitter to find people

This CEO uses Twitter to recruit geniuses for his hotel


If you are an avid Tweeter then you the thing that differentiates Twitter from the other social media platforms, is the fact that it is in “real time”. People tweet all kinds of interesting things happening to them like their meals, events they’re attending, celebrities they spot and event current and breaking news. Honestly, most of the “breaking news” I learned of was via Twitter.

This CEO uses Twitter to recruit geniuses for his hotel

Mark Essien utilised this to creatively attract potential candidates to his company. He spontaneously decided to tweet about a job opening, prompting applicants “only for geniuses” to apply for an unspecified job in 10 words only!

This CEO uses Twitter to recruit geniuses for his hotel



The results…

Mark Essien found that even though it was just 10 words, the quality of the applications were actually the best that the company has had to date. After a back and forth series of difficult questions, Mark Essien hired Justin Irabor, Head of Content Marketing.

I found this approach to hiring people rather interesting.

Effective or not; what do you think?

Please write in the comments below.

Did you like this article? Read the full story on CNN’s website.

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