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CA Global Headhunters is an international staffing and recruitment company operating predominantly in Africa. With over 50 headhunting specialists, decades of experience and a passion for recruitment, we truly are your headhunting specialists in Africa.

,But what exactly defines headhunting?

“Headhunting” is another term used to describe recruitment and has strategically become a vital role for sourcing well-matched staff, talent and highly niche professionals.

When you’re in the market for a new job, CA Global headhunting specialists streamline the process for you. Our headhunting specialists will literally do all the research and point you in the right employment direction. Amazingly, the recruitment process is 100% free for JOB SEEKERS / CANDIDATES and only once you (job seeker) are hired will our consultants receive a payment fee from the CLIENT / COMPANY.

Because CA Global headhunting specialists have vast experience and knowledge, we are able to assertively map the market to identify key players and their skills. With the right headhunting methodology, it is possible to source the best candidates that are highly suitable for the job or operation at hand.

At CA Global we believe that headhunting is not largely about ‘poaching’ staff, instead it’s more about developing candidates’ careers as well as helping companies achieve their true potential and goals. As headhunting specialists, we are aware that the main motive to induce candidates is not exclusively financial but are also concerned with growth, seniority, new challenges and other holistic features.

Our headhunting specialists are fully trained and are always kept up-to-date with African Industry related trends and developments. This approach has empowered CA Global headhunting specialists with valuable tools, skills and has positioned CA Global firmly in the Africa recruitment market with an extensive candidate database comprising professionals from all walks of life. It is this that enables us to provide our clients with the best sought after talent required for their business success.

Are you looking for a new job? Do you want to further develop your career? Send your CV to:

Zoe Mandalios – zoe@caglobalint.com

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