West Africa, the fastest growing gold district world-wide

So what assures people that West Africa is one of the fastest growing gold districts in the world?

Well, perhaps it’s obvious because over the last 3 years there have been 8 mines built in the Western Africa region and brought to production, with five undergoing construction. Furthermore, this ever-expanding gold district is highlighted by the 13 developments that are either in feasibility or resource drilling stage. 

Projects in the West Africa Gold District

  1. Yanfolila project in Mali


In addition, it includes the Morilla mine as well as the Loulo project, which has a resource of 13 million ounces.  Gold Fields has 3 advanced stage drilling targets within the Yanfolila project, namely Bagama, Kobada and Komana, which is the flagship target.

The Yanfolila belt spreads for 200 x 100km and is home to favorable rock and fundamental structures recognized as the best ingredients for gold deposits in Africa.  It has a deep weathering profile down to between 80m and 100m vertical depth.  This provides great potential for low cost, economic mining as it can be dug out without the expense of explosives and drilling. 

This West Africa gold district (The Yanfolila belt) was revealed as a result of modern exploration techniques which used conservative methods first applied in the mid-90s and was predominantly successful in the context of rock masked by lateritic cover which would not allow a direct “read‐through” of the signature.   


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