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highest paying jobs in South Africa

Looking to make the big bucks? These are the jobs to do it! Research released by local jobs portal Careers Junction has released their labour market findings to reveal the top 15 highest paying jobs in South Africa for 2018. The Careers Junction Index (CJI) represents online labour dynamics in South Africa by providing a detailed analysis of the relative ratio of supply and demand in the online job market. The CJI is based on comprehensive data gathered from the Careers Junction website. These jobs represent the major industries in South Africa.

The highest paying jobs in South Africa are:

  1. Civil/Structural Engineer – Average yearly salary: R843 612
  2. Corporate Lender – Average yearly salary: R835 584
  3. Technical and Business Architect – Average yearly salary: R798 696
  4. Chartered Accountant – Average yearly salary: R790 080
  5. Financial Manager – Average yearly salary: R783 864
  6. Environmental Engineer – Average yearly salary: R779 328
  7. Mechanical Engineer – Average yearly salary: R757 884
  8. Hospital Manager – Average yearly salary: R734 340
  9. General Practitioner – Average yearly salary: 731 976
  10. Electrical Engineer – Average yearly salary: R730 368
  11. IT Manager – Average yearly salary: R700 044
  12. Financial Analyst – Average yearly salary: R671 724
  13. Industrial Engineer – Average yearly salary: R670 104
  14. Consulting Engineer – Average yearly salary: R640 428
  15. Electronic Engineer – Average yearly salary: R634 548

As you can see, the majority of the highest paying jobs in South Africa are within the Engineering field, followed by Finance and ICT.

Skills that are high in demand for 2018 include: Software development, financial/project accounting, cost & management accounting, and business analysis. Check out our blog on the top skills in demand in South Africa to learn more.

Looking for a job in any these fields? Make sure you check out our job board for all our available jobs and opportunities all over the African continent. 

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