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Africa HR Payroll Solutions


With Africa Payroll Solutions, you can now centralise your payroll processing operations across 43 countries across Africa.


Africa HR Solutions has had great success in the PEO/ Employment Outsourcing sector within Africa for the last 10 years. Thanks to our continued growth in Africa with our partners and clients, we have discovered a growing need for an optimised payroll solution. As such, Africa HR Solutions has decided to launch a Payroll Solutions division. 

More companies are choosing to outsource their payroll activities with the main aim of ensuring efficiency and privacy on earnings with their organisation. Why hire multiple personnel across various countries when you can outsource to one company to handle all operations across all territories? With us, it is simple, effective and economical.

Your business can benefit from 100% compliant solutions and expert advice on a monthly basis that is economical, safe and reliable. Our solutions are optimised for performance and delivery.

Africa HR Payroll SolutionsBenefits of using our services

  • Multiple countries, currencies and legal entities on a single platform
  • Complex payroll structures, any type of reporting, split costing structures and automated customized journals
  • Variance reporting to cross-compare any period for any payroll element
  • Automated payment processing to employees, creditors and statutory authorities with reconciliation to the General Ledger
  • Full HR suite with approvals, records and reporting
  • Employee self-service for records retrieval and personal detail updating


Contact us today!

To see how we can help you expand into Africa or centralise your payroll operations, contact us for more information.

Contact Africa HR Solutions for your Employer of Record, Immigration and Benefits Solutions: 

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