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This article will discuss job search during covid-19. Should you continue your job search efforts or not? How would you prepare for interviews?  After all, the world is at a standstill at the moment. In short, the answer is yes, you should definitely continue to job hunt. Now is the perfect time to hone your interview skills, update your CV, research your industry and follow up with your Recruitment Consultant about current jobs in your industry.

Our telephone lines and email addresses remain online so should you wish to get hold of anyone, you may do so using the same contact methods you have been using. For your reference, please visit our “contact us” page on our website. Furthermore, click HERE for our staff contact list.

CA Global is still fully operational during the lockdown.

The entire world might be a standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak. This is however not the time to be complacent about job hunting. Be strategic and maximise your time to its full potential. Here are some helpful frequently asked questions to assist you with applying for jobs during lockdown:

Q: Will I get an interview during lockdown? If so, how would it work?

A: There are plenty of options alternative to face-to-face interviewing that are available. Many companies are utilising IT-enabled platforms such as Skype, Zoom and telephonic interviews to speak to candidates. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these interviews are any less important than face-to-face interviews. You will still be required to be on time, prepare ahead, dress professionally and speak well.

Q: Why should I still apply for jobs?

A: Even though we are in lockdown, the recruitment process is still open. The full recruitment process can be performed digitally. In fact, CA Global has already been doing this for 13 years. We have clients who still require staff due to new demands that have emerged from the coronavirus outbreak, as well as due to current jobs that need to be filled. Some companies are still operating as normal albeit from home.

With the challenges posed by COVID-19 the nature of work is being revisited. Many organisations are moving towards contracting staff for roles that allow for working from home when required.


Q: What other job seeking activities can I do to prepare myself?


  • Use the internet to make the right connections. Network with recruiters and key stakeholders in your industry.
  • Speak to friends or relatives about new job openings that they know about.
  • Use your family and friends as a soundboard to practice answering common interview questions.
  • Use your time at home to refine your CV. Craft your “master CV” which should contain as much relevant detail as possible. This includes updated dates of employment, software packages used and a list of relevant current duties.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with your most recent work experience and connect with your colleagues, former colleagues, etc.


Q: Why am I being asked for references before I have interviewed?

A: Some companies still prefer face-to-face interviews, especially for senior jobs which usually involve multiple lines of interview. They are instead choosing to work their way backwards in the interview process, starting with the reference checks, salary queries, working their way to the first step of interviewing face-to-face, in hopes that it will obviously take place as soon as possible, once lockdown is lifted.


Q: Why am I waiting so long for feedback?

A: There are 2 possible reasons for this:

  1. The company is still discussing how to proceed with interviews, given the current situation. In the meantime, they are securing interviews with top talent and narrowing the shortlist, whilst establishing the best way forward as quickly as possible.
  2. Panel interviews are harder to arrange as everyone has different schedules and, in some cases, are based in another time zone. Coordinating a time that is convenient for everyone on the panel, is challenging, to say the least.

One thing is certain – Patience is more important than ever before, during this time! 😊

We already know that the world is moving towards becoming more technology integrated. Perhaps the lockdown is what will push us into discovering new methods of performing the recruitment process. Already, companies are able to advertise jobs, screen candidate applications, interview candidates, make job offers and onboard new employees without meeting a candidate in person.

So, prepare for the new norm: A more technology intense recruitment process. CA Global staff are still recruiting and reviewing CVs. Don’t miss your chance let our consultants see your amazing CV! Have a look at our job board. We have new jobs in Africa, added daily.

What has your job-hunting experience been during the lockdown? What platforms have been used to interview you?



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