Senegal is one of the world’s primary phosphate producers, containing world-class deposits. Over recent years external interest has seen a major spike due to Senegal’s heavy mineral sands. Primary exports include fish, chemicals, cotton, fabrics, groundnuts, and calcium phosphate.

The country is safe and welcoming and has a more advanced healthcare system than many other African countries. The system is insurance-based; in fact, it is mandatory for citizens to have insurance. However, on the downside, most of Senegal’s doctors and dentists are in the capital, Dakar. This means that those living in rural areas have far less access to healthcare.

Natural beauty is in abundance in Senegal and there are plenty of cultural sites to visit and adventures to be had in the Francophone country. Another popular activity is a night out at the discotheques, a unique experience.

There are bilingual and English international schools in Senegal, most of which are in Dakar.

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