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Agriculture in Seychelles has played a major role in its economic development and the country is well-known for its main exports, cinnamon, vanilla and copra. Farming and fishing continue to grow and currently, prime agricultural products produced in Seychelles include sweet potatoes and coconuts. These products provide much of the economic support of the locals.

As many natural resources as it has, Seychelles’ growth has been led by the tourist sector, which employs roughly 30% of the labour force.

The country, which has a group of 115 islands, is the second richest in Africa after Equatorial Guinea.

The beautiful archipelago of islands is also one of the smallest countries in the world. It houses rare creatures like the giant Aldabra tortoise and has famously beautiful beaches and coral reefs bursting with exotic sea life, and is a paradise to visit and live in.

Although pirates present a security concern in Seychelles, it is actually a generally safe country with a low crime rate.

Free primary healthcare is available in Seychelles as well as private healthcare. There is a number of international and public schools in the country.

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