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Sudan was the largest country in Africa until the South separated into the independent state of South Sudan in 2011. Sudan was considered the 17th-largest economy until South Sudan became independent and retained 80% of all oil reserves. Agriculture is now the main provider of jobs, employing more than 80% of Sudanese people and making up a third of Sudan’s economic sector. The Nile River and its tributaries run through the large nation, making the land in close proximity to it fertile and providing opportunities for fishing and farming.

For many years, Sudan has been afflicted by one of the deadliest, longest civil wars on Earth, resulting in food insecurity, violence, displacement, and poverty. There are several conflict zones that foreigners should avoid, but the capital of Khartoum is relatively safe compared to much of Sudan and there is a thriving expat and professional community. There is plenty in the way of entertainment, including visiting the pyramids and Blue and White Nile rivers.

CA Global’s Africa Jobs portal has a Sudan job board where you can see the most recent Sudan jobs from mid to senior level across multiple sectors. Having been operating as a recruitment company in Africa for 15 years, CA Global has extensive experience recruiting highly skilled locals, Diaspora, and expatriates.

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