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Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)

Formerly known as Swaziland, the Kingdom of Eswatini relies greatly on the economy of South Africa, Eswatini’s dominant neighbour. It gets 80% of its imports from South Africa, and around 60% of Eswatini’s exports go to South Africa. Its main exports are wood pulp, beef, sugar, soft drink concentrates, and cotton.

Eswatini is a poor but beautiful country, with rolling hills, valleys and rivers creating spectacular scenery, game reserves, and the imposing Sibebe, a granite mountain. The country is also the site of the annual Bushfire music festival and has much in the way of interesting culture. It is not, however, a big tourist destination.

Safety is not much of an issue in Eswatini, which is by and large a peaceful nation and much different to its neighbour, South Africa. There is a small community of expatriates but not much in the way of restaurants and other forms of entertainment and social life is slower than in some other countries. However, resident expatriates will find more things to do and places to explore if they look further than their community and the urban areas.

The small capital town, Mbabane, is not highly developed but does have good healthcare and international schools as well as a modern town centre. In contrast, the road infrastructure is impressively well-developed.

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