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The small nation of Togo is experiencing current economic growth. Subsistence agriculture dominates the country’s economic food and cash crop production. It also employs most of the labour force and contributes roughly 47% to the gross domestic product (GDP). Coffee and cocoa are traditionally the major cash crops for export, and cotton cultivation has risen in recent times. Along with subsistence farming, commerce is also one of Togo’s primary economic activities.

Due precautions should be taken by those who live in Togo, as there is a high rate of violent crime and carjacking is common. However, it is deemed a wonderful country to travel to and for expats to live in, with a friendly population, rich culture, white sand beaches, and beautiful mountains. One site worth visiting is the Kpalimé Falls, a highlight of Togo. Living in the capital, Lomé, is an adventure in itself.

Primary schooling in Togo is free, although the private schools are of a higher standard than non-private schools. The curriculum in Togo is similar to France’s. 

Healthcare institutions are generally of a low quality in Togo and there are only a few of them, including a handful of hospitals. Healthcare is a lot cheaper than in many other countries. Expats are advised to get evacuation insurance in case of certain medical emergencies.

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