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Africa HR Solutions is a Mauritian based payroll and immigration facility company and offers the complete Expat Africa Payroll Solutions to over 34 countries across the continent. The company aims to provide top quality payroll and immigration services throughout Africa and has formed vital relationships with the leading accounting, auditing and law firms the continent has to offer to ensure that the services offered are of the highest quality available.

Companies often face many obstacles when trying to enter new markets. One major issue when dealing in Africa is having the staff with the correct skill set to contribute to the success of the company in the new market. Usually this is corrected through the employment of expatriates from within the organization to implement the same skills into the African operation.

Employing an expatriate and ensuring the expat has the correct work permits to operate in an African country is often difficult to attain, even more so when the in-country knowledge is limited or not available. Outsourcing the complete immigration and payroll facility to a company like Africa HR Payroll ensures that all requirements are met and that the company can enter the new country in the most efficient way possible.

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Expatriate contractor solution

If a company does not yet have a registered entity in the African country it wishes to launch operations in, this makes it impossible to place a worker in the country to perform the tasks required to make the product/service successful in that country. Through our network of African partnerships we are able to employ the expatriate, and then assign the person to facilitate the tasks the client requires of the person.

We are then able to process the payroll of the client through our partner which essentially covers all bases to ensure complete compliance, this includes:

  • Issuing of a letter of invitation
  • Processing of work permit, immigration visa, etc
  • Registration of the expat to the local authorities
  • Complete payroll facility
  • Monthly statutory deduction and payment to local authority
  • Onshore and offshore payment of salary
  • Payslips and monthly tax payment certificates
  • Employment Contracts

Complete payroll solution

Understanding the tax systems and how to ensure that all employee taxes are accurately accounted for becomes a very difficult task if a company expands their operations across several African countries. This often involves many staff in various countries to constantly investigate the latest changes to taxes and ensure that all statutory returns are done in accordance to the local laws. The process usually comes with many inconsistencies as companies are usually reliant on local staff in each country. It can become very costly when an organisation has to employ several tax specialists in each country to keep up with the ever changing requirements.

Outsourcing this function to a company like Expat Africa Payroll ensures that complete consistency in all relevant taxes, across multiple African countries is achieved and a centralised location for all continental tax requirements is possible. Expat Africa payroll is able to facilitate complete payroll facilities across 30+ African countries. We are able to ensure that companies remain fully tax compliant across all African operations and that all staff are paid in line with the tax regulations set out by the local authorities.

This service includes:

  • Complete payroll facilitation for all staff across multiple countries
  • Net salary payment in local currency
  • Full tax payments to all local authorities to ensure full income tax compliance
  • Tax return documents
  • Issue of net payslip
  • Complete continental breakdown of staff fees in centralised unit
  • Analytics based on in-country salary payments


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