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South Sudan

Subsistence agriculture provides a living for much of South Sudan’s population. South Sudan depends largely on imports of goods, services, and capital from the north. However, the country also has abundant natural resources and oil is the backbone of the economy.

The young nation has its fair share of natural beauty as well; it is home to several national parks with diverse wildlife, and the White Nile runs through the country. The tropical nation consists of swamps, grasslands, tropical forests, and plateaus.

There is a small expatriate community in South Sudan with most professionals working in the NGO and humanitarian development sector. Most find living and working in the nation challenging, yet rewarding, particularly those who enjoy being ‘in the field’.

South Sudan signed a peace deal in 2020 with Sudan to end the years of conflict between the two, however there is ongoing conflict in the country between community militias and uncertainty of whether the peace agreement will continue to stand. The country remains dangerous and rife with violence. Those working in and moving to the country must not travel there independently for the sake of their safety.

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Eastern Africa
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Eastern Africa
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