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Over the last several years, Djibouti has enjoyed steady economic growth due to success in macro-economic adjustment efforts. Economic adjustment measures taken included downsizing the civil service, implementing a pension reform, and strengthening public expenditure institutions.

Djibouti has a wealth of renewable energy resources; so much so, in fact, that the country is moving towards moving to renewable energy sources powering the country entirely, which experts say is more than achievable.

Although a lesser-visited country in Africa, Djibouti has myriad attractions, from beaches with great snorkelling sites, to Djibouti City, to Lake Assal, to name but a few. The climate is pleasant and nature lovers will enjoy all the country has to offer.

Djibouti is generally safe and crime levels are low. Healthcare access is limited however, but private healthcare is available. For expatriates, there are international schools that are mostly Francophone.

CA Global has been recruiting in Africa for 15 years and places highly qualified professionals – local, Diaspora, and foreign expats – in positions in Djibouti across various sectors. Go to our Africa Jobs portal to see our job board for the latest jobs in Djibouti.

Eastern Africa
Posted 1 month ago

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Eastern Africa
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