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The economy in Mali is highly undiversified and is largely based on gold as well as agriculture, with most of the population engaging in subsistence farming. Mining and the production of agricultural commodities, livestock, and fish present wealth potential for the country.

Due to ongoing political instability, security in Mali is volatile and due precautions should be taken. Regardless of this, professionals and expats who live and work in Mali enjoy the lifestyle there as well as the year-long warm weather and friendly population. Mali has beautiful natural landscapes, and the centuries-old city of Timbuktu is world-famous for Sankore University and Djinguereber Mosque that were established in the 1300s. Bamako, Mali’s capital, offers plenty of entertainment and residents enjoy an active social life there.

There is a shortage of healthcare in Mali, and the ratio of healthcare workers to residents is low. However, there are several public and private healthcare facilities.

There are a number of French as well as English-speaking private schools in Mali.

Learning and mastering French is a must for those planning to live and work in the country.

Mali needs highly skilled locals, Diaspora, and expatriates for mid- to senior-level jobs in various sectors. Go to CA Global’s Africa Jobs portal to find recent Mali jobs.

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