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What is a Headhunter?

What is the definition of a headhunter?

“Headhunter” is an informal term referring to a recruiter. Headhunting plays a valuable role in the sourcing of best-fit candidates for companies. Additionally, headhunting also streamlines the jobhunting process for jobseekers, pointing them towards suitable and desirable opportunities.

Headhunters do not charge jobseekers for their services. They only charge clients for whom they secure a new hire for a role.

Using our wealth of knowledge and experience, we at CA Global confidently map the markets to identify key players and their individual traits. With the right tactics and approach, it is possible to source candidates perfectly suited to the job.

Financial gain is not the sole motive for enticing candidates to say yes. Rather, CA Global’s primary motives include growth, seniority, new challenges, and other holistic attributes.

More importantly, headhunting is not merely about ‘poaching’ staff; it’s also about growing candidates’ careers and assisting companies with achieving their goals and potential.

CA Global staff are fully trained and constantly kept abreast of trends in the African markets. New recruitment employees undergo a three-month training programme aimed at identifying and understanding CA Global company policies and building their knowledge regarding Africa as a whole and the industries we operate in.

This approach has not only empowered our headhunters with the valuable tools and know-how they have gained from it. It has also positioned CA Global firmly in the Africa recruitment market and enabled us to form an extensive candidate database comprising professionals from all walks of life. This enables us to provide our clients with the most sought-after talent they require for their business success.

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