earth day
Top Tips from CA Global: Eco-Friendly Office Habits to Adopt This Earth Day
Embrace an eco-friendly work space this Earth Day, and every day of the year, by following these top tips from...
an employee negotiating salary
Getting What You Deserve: A Guide to Salary Negotiations
Here's some expert advice from CA Global Headhunters who know all about the in's and out's of salary negotiations.
Navigating Employment Trends in Africa with CA Global Headhunters
Navigating Employment Trends in Africa with CA Global Headhunters
Read about the African continent's employment trends and how CA Global Headhunters specialise in navigating them.
human rights day south africa
Honoring Human Rights: Building Productive Work Environments in South Africa and Beyond
At CA Global, we understand the importance of human rights in the workplace. In this article, we commemorate Human Rights...
a phone with all social platform apps next to a laptop of a professional looking for a job
How to Achieve Job Search Success by Managing your Online Reputation
CA Global Headhunters' expertise can help you master your online reputation in your path to achieving job search success in...
Diversity Equity Inclusion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Blueprint for Thriving Workplaces
Read all about Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace in Africa. At CA Global headhunters, we proudly apply DE&I...
A black man in a white turtle neck having an online vide interview on his laptop.
The Future of Hiring: Asynchronous Video Interviews
Read all about what Asynchronous Video Interviews are, what the benefits and drawbacks entail and how to use this method...
an ipad on a wooden table with stock graph on it accompanied by a white a4 page and a pen
How to Get the Pay Raise You Deserve in 2024
Read CA Global Headhunter's expert advise on how to ask for a pay raise in 2024 and get it.
A CV document on a table in front of a laptop keyboard
Shining Among the Stars with the Perfect CV in 2024
Do you want to stand out from the crowd in 2024? Read about what CA Global has to say on...
woman holding her head in distress as she calculates her expenses with receipts on her desk
How Does the Cost-of-living Crisis Affect the Workplace?
Learn about the negative effects of the cost-of-living crisis on employee mental and financial well-being. Employers are advised to follow...
We’re Starting the Countdown to GTR Africa 2023 London!
London, here we come! GTR Africa 2023 London is around the corner and we're excited to send one of our...
Bryan le Roux
Spotlight on a CA Global Managing Director: Bryan Le Roux
Learn about Bryan Le Roux, Managing Director of CA Global Finance, Executive Search Africa, and who he is as a...
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