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Over the past few years, Madagascar has enjoyed tremendous economic growth and is predicted to experience even more, although it remains one of the poorest nations on Earth. Agriculture, mineral resources, fishing, and forestry are key contributors to Madagascar’s economy. More than 70% of the labour force are employed by the agriculture industry. In addition, the country currently provides half of the world’s supply of sapphires.

Humans purportedly took 300,000 years after the first appearance of Homo sapiens in Africa to discover the stunning, biodiverse country of Madagascar. And in fact, ‘biodiverse’ is an understatement; Madagascar is a ‘megadiverse’ country, according to Conservation International, possibly because it remained untouched by humans for so long. If you need some proof, here’s a fact: Madagascar holds more than half the world’s chameleon species.

Living in Madagascar is relatively peaceful as the crime rate is low, particularly compared to other countries in Africa. However, recent political unrest has resulted in a rise in theft. The cost of living is low in Madagascar, and there are international schools, some of which are French. In terms of healthcare, hospitals and medical centres can be found, but most are in the urban areas and so can be hard to access for many who live in rural areas.

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