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Our Executive Search methodology

CA Global Headhunters has an Executive Search methodology that has proven successful across all industries in Africa. We personally contact each researched candidate in confidence to determine their interest in, and qualifications for, a particular position. What is more, we work with our clients to ensure we provide candidates they will want to recruit.

The CA Global Executive Search in Africa team has a strong understanding of cultural fit when deciding on candidates to contact across Africa, as well as possible operational or cultural gaps. This is exceptionally valuable for our clients.

Clients of CA Global who are based either in Africa, overseas with subsidiaries in Africa, benefit greatly from our matrix tool structure. With our access to resources, networks, and relationships throughout Africa, CA Global can understand our clients’ cultures, operations, business strategies, and industries.

Our expertise includes experience in Francophone and Lusophone (Angola and Mozambique) countries, where we have gained in-depth market knowledge and an extensive operating base to assist our clients in the best way possible.

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