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Due to Benin’s tropical climate and fertile soils, agriculture is the principal driver of the economy, with cotton production being the main form of farming. Subsistence farming in the Francophone country has significantly increased employment and income levels.

Unfortunately, both the economic centre Cotonou as well as the capital Porto-Novo have high rates of crime, particularly robbery, and due precautions should be taken when living there. However, most of Benin’s small expat population lives in Cotonou, and living there as a working professional and/or expatriate is a pleasant and exciting experience. The city is multifaceted in terms of culture, and has great food and a strong music culture, and many expats find life there satisfying and adventurous.

There is a number of good international and bilingual schools in Benin that follow various education systems, from French to Indian, American, and British.
Public healthcare in Benin is sadly inadequate which has resulted in the expansion of private healthcare in Benin.

CA Global has been operating as a recruitment group in Africa for 15 years recruiting highly skilled locals, Diaspora, and expatriates for mid- to senior-level jobs on the continent. There is a demand for scarce skills in Benin; you can view the latest jobs in the country’s various sectors on our Benin job board by going through the Africa Jobs portal.

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