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Angola provides the feeling of the true African experience. Its diverse and bustling capital city, Luanda, lies on the country’s coast and boasts beautiful beaches. The country is bursting with natural beauty. Infrastructure in Angola is reminiscent of the Portuguese culture there.

Foreign investment in Angola is massive and continues to expand due to the country’s oil, diamond, and iron ore deposits, as well as its natural attractiveness. Oil is one of the backbones of Angola’s economy, making up 90% of the country’s exports.

Because Angola has the perfect climate, right soil, and idea landscapes for crop farming, the nation sees significant agricultural success, resulting in diverse crop production. Along with this, the country has exciting hydropower, forestry, and fishery potential.

CA Global has recruited candidates for various positions within Angola over our 15 years as a recruitment company in Africa. As well as this, our Africa Jobs portal has an Angola job board for qualified candidates looking for mid- to high-level positions across the country.

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