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Guinea-Bissau relies heavily on agriculture and fishing. Over the last several years cashew crops have increased extraordinarily, and the country now ranks sixth in the world in cashew production. Guinea-Bissau exports fish and seafood along with small amounts of peanuts, palm kernels, and timber. Licence fees for fishing provide the government with some revenue. Rice is the major crop and an essential food staple for locals.

Political instability and poverty are problems in Guinea-Bissau, however the country has a low rate of serious crime.

Most of the country’s healthcare facilities are in the capital, Bissau. Outside the city, there are extremely few and the country struggles to provide its citizens with quality medical care.
There are no international schools in Guinea-Bissau but those looking for quality private education can register their children for remote schooling with schools like Cambridge Home School.

The culture of Guinea-Bissau is a blend of Portuguese heritage and African influences, and expats are encouraged to learn Portuguese and/or French. There are beautiful natural landscapes and a small expat community. Entertainment includes live music performances and football games in Bissau.

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