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South Africa

South Africa’s economy is the largest in Africa, accounting for 24% of the continent’s gross domestic product in terms of purchasing power parity and is ranked as an upper-middle income economy, making the country one of only four countries in Africa in this category. South Africa has a comparative advantage in the agriculture, mining, and manufacturing sectors.

Boasting beautiful landscapes and home to the City of Cape Town, a leading tourist destination, South Africa is well-known for having a myriad of natural attractions, landscapes, and historical. It is also famous for holding the world’s biggest diamond mine.

The country’s tragic history of apartheid, along with corruption, has played a part in making South Africa a nation with high economic inequality and unemployment levels. Due to this and other factors, South Africa suffers from an extremely high crime rate and ranks among the most violent countries in the world. Due caution should be exercised.

However, despite these things expats and working professionals enjoy the lifestyle in South Africa as it comes with so many benefits. It has vibrant, cosmopolitan cities, modern infrastructure, and quality education and healthcare services. Not to mention, the weather, wildlife and natural wonders attract many people and once settled there, it is a hard country to leave.

Visit the Africa Jobs portal to find the South Africa jobs board and see the latest jobs available in South Africa across various sectors. CA Global has been a recruitment company in Africa for 15 years and recruits highly skilled local, Diaspora, and expatriate individuals for mid- to senior-level jobs.

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