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Africa Board Level Executive Search is a division of the CA Global Group and partners with corporates and venture capital houses to identify, and secure, world-class board-level talent across Africa.

We specialise in the placement of non-executive as well as executive board appointments, including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Human Resources Directors, and other specialised board-level positions such as Interim Board Members or Board Chairmen.

Spanning Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern Africa, we leverage our experience and extensive research capabilities to recruit the best executives for the pharmaceutical, banking and finance, medical, FMCG, manufacturing, agricultural, telecoms, mining, oil and gas, renewables, and service industries.

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We recruit for several categories of CEO, COO, MD, and General Manager positions across Africa, including:

Board-Level Executives and NEDs

Organisations in are often seeking to fill rotating board positions, and CA Global presents a solution with our tailored recruitment service focused on Board-Level jobs in Africa.

We specialise in identifying best-fit candidates for Non-Executive Director (NED) and Board-Level Executive roles, helping clients to bring the best talent to the boardroom, whatever the industry.

CA Global has access to a wide network of qualified NEDs and Executives. Based on our market expertise and understanding of our client’s unique preferences, we pick out and present ideal candidates to employers for selection.

Global CEOs

These individuals will typically have held leadership positions across several disciplines within a company running numerous operations in various countries, across several product lines and industries. Excellent negotiators and inspiring leaders who possess top business acumen, they have the power to influence board-level management staff as well as take full accountability for the financial and general performance of the company.

Medium-sized Business Specialists

Specialists capable of making business decisions to drive company growth, even in the face of opposition from others. These CEOs or COOs are willing to step out of the ‘ivory tower’ and get their hands dirty if needed. Individuals in this position must be highly charismatic, influential, and possess strong self-belief, to keep the business on the right track.

Entrepreneurial Start-Up Specialists

Highly experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record of driving rapid growth of a business during the early stages of its life. These individuals must be able to not only design and implement processes and procedures and ensure adherence thereto in a rapidly growing environment. They must also have the business acumen, negotiating skills, and powers of persuasion required to convince independent investors, banks, and venture capital houses that their funds are secure and being correctly utilised. These CEOs should be able to guide the business through exciting yet often turbulent times and must possess strong interpersonal skills and a high EQ.

Turnaround Specialists

Outside CEOs, who may be either permanent or interim, who provide input, leadership, and guidance to re-align companies’ business strategies and procedures. They have the self-confidence to make and implement difficult decisions. Turn-around specialists are employed to aid mature businesses that have run into financial trauma due to uncompetitive products, pricey production costs, or other issues. This is often caused by the existing management team failing to adapt strategies that may have worked in the past but are no longer practical.

As Africa recruitment leaders, CA Global is well networked and connected to CEO and board-level individuals across the continent. Our brand has been built on our ability to execute on top-level assignments throughout Africa, not only through our executive search services but also our ability to provide accurate information and strong recommendations that enable our clients to recruit strategically in the increasingly complex field that board selection is today.

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