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Somalia has a healthy informal economy based mostly on livestock, money transfer companies, and telecommunications. The mineral industry makes a small contribution to Somalia’s exports and economy in general. Agriculture, the main economic driver in the country, employs most of the population in Somalia.

Alcohol is prohibited in the country by the strict Muslim culture. Still, foreigners will be pleased to find that Somalis are hospitable, generous, and tend to view even people they have just met as friends.

Those planning on working and living should know that the country has ongoing conflict and there is currently a long-running civil war which has resulted in the internal displacement of many people. There are many other security issues in parts of the country, including threats of piracy, kidnapping, and terror. Mogadishu, the capital, is one of the most dangerous nations in the world.
However, the city of Hargeisa, which is the capital of one of the nation’s autonomous regions, Somaliland, is safe. Puntland is another autonomous region in the country.

There is much beauty to be found in Somalia, in particular Lag Badana National Park and cave formations with ancient cave paintings, some of the earliest on the continent.

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