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Recruiting the African Diaspora

CA Global offers a full spectrum of recruitment services, which are tailor-made to suit the circumstances and requirements of each individual recruitment assignment.

African Diaspora

The advent of the African diaspora over the last two decades has had a profound effect on the current marketplace for professionals in Africa.

Where once many individuals left to further their education or work experience abroad, market-related growth has seen many Africans return or consider returning to their home continent.

CA Global intrinsically follows resource, industrial, and financial infrastructure investment trends on the African continent. As the continent has grown so has the need for well-qualified and experienced candidates. Many companies relied on a steady stream of expatriate candidates to fill the immediate need of positions that required the right credentials.

In today’s marketplace, a large number of our clients have a preference for local candidates or candidates who come from the country in which they have a need for staff. In many instances, this means attracting local citizens that are now based abroad and are considering returning to their home countries.

CA Global has embraced this trend by networking internationally and creating a database of candidates and contacts that can be utilised when our clients require experience, qualification, and citizenship.

Recruiting the African diaspora has been an extremely successful exercise for CA Global and is indicative of a continental marketplace that is rapidly growing. This has allowed us to provide opportunities to candidates to assist in the growth of their countries and their continent.

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CA Global also assists clients by accessing years of networking in finding candidates who are ready to return home, but have also furthered their careers and their skills to a point that makes them extremely valuable additions to foreign firms forging their way through new markets.

African diaspora candidates not only bring with them knowledge and experience from abroad but also awareness of and familiarity with their home countries that can be an added advantage for their employers.

As the Leading Recruitment Solutions Firm on the continent, CA Global prides itself on the quality of its service, which also means the quality of its candidates. Our highly trained and developed consultants are able to meet the needs of our clients by providing candidates who add lasting value. Our experience comes from knowing the continent, from being involved in the market. Our service comes from the knowledge gained from that experience.

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