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For more than a decade, the annual average GDP growth in Mozambique has been among the worlds’ highest. The progressive increase of coal, the implementation of large infrastructure projects, and credit expansion are expected to continue to drive development and growth immensely over the years to come. Technological skills are in high demand in Mozambique, particularly in areas like Construction and Engineering.

Mozambique is relatively safe in most areas. Skilled working professionals, both foreign and local, will enjoy the country for its low living costs, fantastic cuisine, and tropical weather. Other draws of Mozambique are the beautiful white sand beaches that lie along its lengthy coastline and various fascinating historic landmarks. The most popular city for expats to live in is the capital, Maputo.

Infrastructure remains poor in the country and the public health system is inadequate, although there is private healthcare available which is of a higher quality. There is a number of international schools.

CA Global has been taking on recruitment projects in Africa for the last 15 years. We place highly skilled locals, Diaspora, and expatriates in jobs in multiple sectors, from mid to senior level. Go to our Africa Jobs portal to locate the Mozambique job board, where you can view recent Mozambique jobs.

Southern Africa
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