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Mauritius holds selected mineral resources, with a rough annual production of 1 million tonnes of stone, 300,000 tonnes of sand, 7,000 tonnes of lime, and 6,000 tonnes of salt. Minerals in Mauritius include basalt construction stone, coral sand, lime for coral, and solar-evaporated sea salt. Sugar, cut flowers, and clothing and textiles are among the chief exports of Mauritius. The country has been enjoying a sustained economic expansion.

There are many attractions in Mauritius, but interesting wildlife like the flying fox, beautiful white sand beaches, rainforests, great hiking trails, and waterfalls are just a few. Mauritians also make visiting and living in Mauritius pleasant; they are known to be happy and extremely friendly.
The crime rate in Mauritius is very low and there is both private and free public healthcare available. Expatriates living in Mauritius will have a high number of international schools to choose from.

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