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Eritrea’s economy has experienced significant growth in recent years, indicated by an improvement in the domestic product (GDP).

Resources such as copper, gold, granite, marble, and potash are abundant in the country on the Red Sea coast. The agricultural sector has improved with the use of modern farming equipment and techniques as well as dams.

On the downside, it is a repressive political state where military conscription is mandatory for citizens. This has caused many to flee the nation.

However, skilled locals, African Diaspora, and foreigners in white collar positions will find it a fairly safe and welcoming place with many points of interest. Architecture with diverse influences from various countries, the Imperial Palace, ancient ruins, and more make Djibouti a fascinating place for those interested in history. Its vibey cities such as Asmara, where it’s never too early for people to go to the bars, are another point of attraction for many. The healthcare infrastructure in Eritrea is also developed to a standard that nearly meets western ones.

Due to the huge growth of the economy, there are many more opportunities for skilled individuals in the country.

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Eastern Africa
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Eastern Africa
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